"Facebook Ads worked perfect for me."
-said no photographer ever.

Until now.


HI! This is a great chance to preview what Modern Marketing is all about. I sit down with photographer Taylor Jackson and jump straight in chatting about the perfect social media campaign. It's 16 minutes of packed content that will have you ready to crush your own social media ads for 2016. ENJOY! :) -Mario

00:00 - Intro and blah blahs.
01:30 - Why was Modern Marketing written?
03:50 - Preparing your online and social media presence.
05:00 - Instagram Ads (how $5-15 will make you thousands).
07:38 - Relevance Score and how to get the lowest rates for ads.
09:25 - Taylor chats about his insanely low cost boosted video ads.
11:10 - Split A/B testing, and how to make the best advertisements.
13:00 - What images work best for getting clicks.
14:35 - Writing text and calls to action.

Modern Marketing is hailed as the "definitive 2016 modern marketing guide for photographers you won't want to miss out on."